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When photographing your project for your portfolio, careful planning is imperative to creating a set of images that tell the story you want, and which represents your project and your brand accurately and beautifully. 

We will have a detailed discussion about the project’s intention and how people interact with the space. 

With a thorough walkthrough and an understanding of the project, we will create our shot list. It’s a collaborative process, where we exchange and discuss ideas, and I share my interpretation of your project as I see it through the lens. We will also consider the time of day and how the light will change for each shot. When we are done planning, we will have a detailed shot list that includes ideal times of day for each image we will create, and then I get busy shooting. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


Estimates are structured based on the following:

  • CREATIVE FEE: The Creative Fee includes the time and skill required to complete the project, including pre-production tasks such as Client meetings, advance site visits, site-specific preparation, and all of the necessary photographic equipment. The Creative Fee is quoted on a per-project basis.

  • POST-PROCESSING: After the shoot, I complete an extensive editing process on the images to achieve portfolio quality, which includes:

    Blending of different exposures, color correction, perspective correction, and selective contrast adjustments. It is common for the post-processing to consume as much time as the photoshoot.

    Post-processing also includes the storage, backup, culling, digital delivery, and archiving of the final images from your shoot. 

  • STANDARD USE LICENSE: All final images will come with a standard boilerplate license to use the photos. This standard license covers all of the usage needs for most clients, and additional usage licenses can be provided if needed.

  • ADDITIONAL FEE(Optional) : This includes Photography & Lighting equipments for rental. This also includes the Reimbursements (out of pocket expenses) such as transport + hospitalty + food & refreshments etc.


Thanks for submitting!

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